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United Kingdom Politics


"Britainnia Rules the Waves" "I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood" "I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood" "Peace in our time"
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." "Prince William in Iraq" "The Downing Street Years" - The autobiography of Margaret Thatcher "The your pocket"
"There will be no more boom and bust!" 'Against Goliath' - David Steel 'David Wouseldorf Donald Cameron 'I've become arrogant', admits Blair
'Manifesto for Ethnic Minorities' 'The Labour Government', by Harold Wilson 'The Last Journey of William Huskisson' 'The Unfulfilled Prime Minister: Tony Blair's Quest for a Legacy' - Peter Riddell
'Tony Blair - The Man Behind the Smile' Leo Abse A Labour win A political monster A snap election
Aaron Barshak Adam Ingram Admiral Horatio Nelson Admiral Lord West of Spithead.
Air Accidents Investigation Branch. Air Passenger Duty Alan Arthur Johnson Secretary of State for Education and Skills. Alan Clark's Secret Political Diary
Alan Duncan, Tory MP Alastair Campbell Alastair Campbell's dodgy dossier Alex Salmond
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Alistair Campbell Alistair Maclean Darling Amyas Godfrey
An army marches on its stomach Andreas Adonis Andrew Adonis Andrew Gilligan
Andy Gilchrist Angela Mason Angela Mason, Director of the 'Women And Equality Unit' Animal rights campaigners
Anne Widdecombe Anne Widdecombe, Shadow Home Secretary Anthony Banks Anthony Blair
Anthony Blair, Labour Leader Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Anthony Montague Browne Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn
Anthony Steen Anti-social behaviour Anti-social behaviour orders Archibald McIndoe
Arthur Harris Arthur Nicholas Winston Soames Arthur Penry Hodge Davies Arthur Wellesley Wellington
Assistant Masters and Mistresses Association Association of Professional Teachers Back to Basics Baron Wilson of Rievaulx
Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher Baroness Margaret Thatcher Baroness Nicholson Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve
Barr has been spending freely Barrow-in-Furness Battle of Britain Day Battle of Marston Moor
Beatrice Boothroyd Belfast Lord Mayor Bernadette McAliskey Bernie Ecclestone
Betsy Duncan Smith Betty Boothroyd Betty Boothroyd, Speaker Biometric identity cards
Blair and Brown Blair's Cabinet Reshuffle Blair's keynote speech Bob Ainsworth
Bob Marshall-Andrews bolton metropolitan borough Brian Joseph Gibbons Brian Mahwinney
Brian Sedgemore Brigadier Nigel Aylwin-Foster Bring the British troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan right now Britain in Europe
Britain s Nationalisation of coal Britain's 'New Labour' Government Britain's Labour Party Leader Britain's parliamentary scandal.
British Beef British Educational System British hostage Norman Kember British National Party
British politics Broadcaster Andrew Neil Brown faces leadership concerns Brussels, Belgium
Buckingham Palace Cabinet Secretary, Sir Richard Wilson Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall
Campaigner Jason "Batman" Hatch Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey Care in the Community
Caroline Spelman cash-for-honours allegations. Catherine Parr Cecil Parkinson
Chaitanya Patel Charity begins at home Charles II Charles III
Charlie Kennedy MP Charlie Whelan - spin doctor Charlotte Denis Cherie Blair
Cherie Blair and Peter Foster Cherie Booth! Child Support Agency Chris Huhne MP
Christine and Neil Hamilton Christine Hamilton Christine Keeler Christine Russell
Christopher Bryant Christopher Bryant Christopher Smith CIA disinformation
City of London Clapham Common Clare Short Claude Moraes MEP
cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri Commission for Racial Equality Commissioner Neil Kinnock Compassionate conservatism
Compulsory identity cards Confederation of British Industries Congestion Charge Conservative Central Office
Conservative leader Michael Howard Conservative MP Derek Conway Conservative Youth Cool Britannia
County of Worcestershire D. Cameron Daily Telegraph Daisy Sampson
Dame Ethel Mary Smyth Dame Shirley Porter David Blunkett - Kimberly Forte. David Cameron
David Davies David Davis, conservative David Hywel Francis David Lindon Lammy
David Mellor David Owen David Shayler David Steel
David Wright Miliband Dawn Primarolo Denis Thatcher Dennis Skinner
Department for Culture, Media and Sport Department for Education and Skills Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Department of Culture, Media and Sport
Department of Social Security Department of Trade and Industry Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister Prescott
Derek Hatton Desmond Henry Browne Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel Diane Julie Abbott
Diplock courts Director of Communications Alastair Campbell Disraeli Doctor Brian Mawhinney
Doctor John Reid Doctor Reid's pub smoking ban Does Florida Matter for Dems? Dominic Ralph Campden Lawson
Douglas Garven Alexander Douglas Richard Hurd Ealing Broadway Station Ealing Hospital Trust
Earl Russell Education Minister David Blunkett Education! Education! Education!" Edward and Sophie
Edward Heathcoat-Amory Edward the Confessor Edward Timpson Eleanor of Aquitaine
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Elizabeth Woodville Elliot Anthony Morley Emily Wilding Davison
Emmeline Pankhurst Endangered Species Act Enoch Powell Environment Agency
Equal opportunities Essex County Council Ethelred the Unready Ethnic monitoring
EU President Blair Eurofighter Typhoon Europe Minister Denis McShane European budget agreed
European Constitution Referendum Euroskeptics Ex-Welsh Secretary Ron Davies Fettes College
First Lord of the Treasury First Minister Donald Dewar MP Food Standards Agency Former Minister Edwina Currie
Foundation Hospitals Gaynor Cook General Certificate of Secondary Education General Election
General Pinochet Geoff Hoon George Galloway George Iain Duncan-Smith
George Monbiot George Osborne MP Gerry Adams Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein
Gleneagles Gleneagles Hotel Gleneagles summit Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock
God Save the Queen Gordon Brown MP, The Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Browns Budget Greater London Authority
Greater Manchester Police Greenham Common Airbase Group Captain Peter Townsend Guardian readers
Gurbux Singh, the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality Gyles Daubeney Brandreth Hail Britannia Harold Macmillan
Harold Saxon Hazel Blears MP Headley Court Military Hospital Health minister Sir Ara Darzi
Henry Addington Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Hereward the Wake Hertfordshire Constabulary
Heseltine High Court judges Hilary Armstrong Hilary Armstrong MP
Home Secretary Home Secretary Charles Clarke Home Secretary David Blunkett and Kimberly Fortier Home Secretary Jacqui Smith
Homosexual Scottish ministers honourable members Houses of Parliament Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell
Humphrey the Downing Street Cat Hywel Rhodri Morgan I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. Iain Duncan Smith, Tory Leader
Ian McCartney Ian Paisley Ian Richard Kyle Paisley Ieuan Wyn Jones
Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes Interest rates unchanged Introduction of University top-up fees Is the British property market slowing down?
It's not rocket science. Ivor Roberts James Gordon Brown Jamie Oliver's School Dinners
Jane Hutt Jeffrey Archer, Novelist Jeremy Paxman Jeremy Thorpe
John Bercow, Conservative MP John Leslie Prescott John Pienaar John Stuart
John Whitaker Straw Jonathan Aitken, perjury defendant Ken Livingstone Ken Livingstone for Mayor
Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London Kenneth Robert Livingstone Kenneth Robert Livingstone, the Mayor of London. Keynesian economics
Kim Scott Howells Kimberly Fortier Quinn Kingston Upon Hull La Perfide Albion
Labour Home Secretaries Labour Member of Parliament Labour Party Conference labour win
Labour's Chairperson Labour's longest-serving Prime Minister Labour, Conservative, Liberals Lady Emma Hamilton
Lembit Opik Leo Blair Leo Blair, the PM's son Liberal Democrat Councillors
Liberal Democrats Liberal Democrats' Leader Charles Kennedy Linda Bellos Linda Perham
Lloyd George Loans for peerages London Development Agency London Mayor Ken Livingstone
London's public transportation system Lord Aberdeen Lord Adonis Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare
Lord Ashdown Lord Charles Leslie Falconer. Lord Chief Justice Bingham Lord Desai
Lord George Robertson Lord Hutton of Bresagh Lord Irvine of Lairg Lord James Brian Edward Hutton
Lord Levy Lord Louis Mountbatten Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool Lord Murray of Epping Forest
Lord Norman Beresford Tebbit Lord Palmerston Lord Patten of Barnes Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Lyndsey Booth Maggie Thatcher Magna Carta Manchester City Council
Mandy Rice-Davies Margaret Hilda Thatcher Margaret Hodge Margaret Mary Beckett
Margaret Thatcher Maria Eagle MP Mark Oaten Mary Queen of Scots
Mayor Livingstone McCain says he could lose over war issue Medical Research Council Melita Norwood
Members of Parliament Metro Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo Michael Fawcett
Michael Foot is ninety Michael Goodall Watson Michael Heseltine Michael Howard
Michael Howard, Leader of the Conservative Party Michael Levy Michael Portillo Michael Portillo Ex-Defence Secretary
Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine Millbank Tower Milroy-Sloan Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry of Transport Miss Tracey Temple Mister Anthony Blair
Mo Mowlam Mohammed Al Fayed, British subject Mohammed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods Mr David Icke
Mr Stephen Twigg Mr Tim Yeo Mrs Edwina Currie Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
Ms Dynamite Ms. Katharine Gun Nadine Milroy-Sloan Nation of shopkeepers
National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers National Association of Head Teachers National Service Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
Neighbourhood Watch Neil Hamilton Neil Kinnock Network Rail
New Labour New Labour is working New Labour's Third Term News at Ten
NHS Information Service Nicholas Bourne. nicholas griffin Nicholas Soames
Nick Brown, Agriculture Secretary Nick Brown, Minister of Agriculture Nicola Burdett Nicola Sturgeon
Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz Nigel Lawson Nigel Norman Inkster Norman Lamont
Norman Tebbit Office for National Statistics Oh! Save Gibraltar Brits Old Queen Street
Oliver Letwin Open Government Organo-phosphorus sheep dips Oswald Mosley
our European partners Paddy Ashdown Party Chairman Francis Maude Patricia Hewitt MP
Patricia Hope Hewitt Paul Burrell Paul Kelleher Paul Yaw Boateng, MP
Paymaster General David Willetts Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo PCSO Peirs Merchant and Anna Cox
perverting the course of justice Peter Foster Peter Gerald Hain Peter Mandelson
Peter Mandelson falls on his own sword Piers Gaveston Piers Merchant Plaid Cymru
Police and Criminal Evidence Act Police Community Support Officers Police Stop-and-search Political Editor Andrew Marr
Polly Toynbee, the Guardian columnist Portsmouth Pounds, shillings and pence. Prescott
Prescott's Transport Policy Primary care trusts Primary School League Tables Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
Prime Minister Blair Prime Minister Gladstone Prime Minister Gordon Brown Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
Prime Minister Tony Blair Prime Minister's Questions Prime Minster Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and Fuhrer. Prince of Wales
prince william Princess Diana Princess Marge Private Eye online
Queen Camilla the First Queen Elizabeth the First Queen Victoria Racial and Religious Hatred Bill
RAF Northolt Rail Privatisation Ramsay Macdonald Refreshment Department
Reginald Maudling Regional Parliaments Respect: the Unity Coalition Reuter's News Agency
Rev. Ian Paisley Richard Ingrams, William Rushton, Christopher Booker and Paul Foot Richmond House Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
robert kilroy silk Robin Cook Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary Robin Finlayson Cook
Robin Lustig Ron Davies MP Rosie Winterton MP Round of golf at Gleneagles
Roy Hattersley Roy Sydney George Hattersley Roy Sydney George Hattersley, Labour MP. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
Royal weddings Royton Rt Hon Anne Widdecombe Rt Hon Gerald Kaufman
Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Rt Hon Michael Mates Rt Hon Oliver Letwin Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
Rt Hon William Hague MP Rushdie decree lifted Rustic outdoor pleasures Ruth Turner
Safety Camera Partnerships Scottish MPs Scottish National Party Scottish Nationals
Scottish Parliament Sebastian Coe Select Committee system Sellafield
Senator Bill Bradley Shadow Cabinet Minister Shirley Williams Simon Hughes MP
Single European Act Sion Simon Sir Alec Douglas-Home Sir Anthony Eden
Sir Anthony Frederick Blunt Sir Bernard Ingham Sir Brian Moffat Sir Christopher Chataway
Sir David Geoffrey Manning Sir Denis Thatcher Sir Digby Jones Sir Edward Heath
Sir Frances Drake Sir George Young Sir Hartley Shawcross Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim
Sir Hugh Dowding Sir Hugh Orde Sir James Goldsmith Sir Keith Joseph
Sir Leon Brittan Sir Les Patterson, Minister of the Arts Sir Liam Donaldson Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP
Sir Menzies Campbell Sir Michael Bichard Sir Norman Angell Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley
Sir Patrick Barnabas Burke Mayhew Sir Patrick Mayhew Sir Paul Stephenson Sir Robert Peel
Sir Robert Walpole Sir Sefton Brancker, Sir Teddy Taylor Sir Thomas More
Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Winston Churchill Southern Counties Radio.
Speaker Michael Martin Special constables Spencer Compton Staffordshire Police
Stephen Pelham Pound, the Labour MP for Ealing North Steven Wilson Stockport Council Strangeways Prison, Manchester
Student top-up fees Student tuition fees Sub-Lieutenant Windsor Sunday Telegraph
sunderland Supermarine Spitfire Ted Heath Teflon Tony
Ten Downing Street Ten years of Tony Blair as the Prime Minister Teresa Gorman Terrorist Attacks in London!
Tessa Jane Helen Douglas Palmer Tessa Jowell Tessa Jowell - David Mills mortgage. Tessa Palmer
Tewkesbury Thatcherism Thatcherite The "Stop The War" coalition
The 'monkey-hangers'. The Accused - Jeffrey Archer The Aldermaston marches The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Archbishop of Canterbury Doctor Rowan Williams The army's 'Green Goddess' fire engine The Bank of England. The Battle of Agincourt
The Battle of Bannockburn the Battle of Bosworth Field The Battle of Cullodden The Battle of Stamford Bridge
The Bishop of Durham The British Airways London Eye The British aristocracy The British Crime Survey
The British Government The British National Party The British Rail Timetable The Broon-Ites
The Bruges Group The Cameroons The campaign group Fathers For Justice The Casualty wards
The Census Enumerators The Charity Commission The Community Charge The Conservative and Unionist Party
The Conservative Manifesto The Conservative Party The Conservative Party Conference The Conservatives
The Conservatives' slogan "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" the coroners' system The Countryside Agency The Countryside Alliance
The Court of Tynwald The Criminal Proceeds Act the Crossman Diaries The Daily Express columnist Carol Sarler
The Dangerous Dogs Act the data protection act The Defence Export Services Organisation The Democratic Unionist Party
The Department for Education The Department for Work and Pensions The Deputy Prime Minister John Leslie Prescott The Derbyshire Constabulary
The Director Of Public Prosecutions, Sir David Calvert-Smith The Downing Street Years The Earl of Derby The East Riding of Yorkshire
The Education Secretary Estelle Morris The English suffragette campaigners Emmeline, Sylvia, and Dame Christabel Pankhurst The EU Constitution The European Central Bank
The Fabian Society The Finsbury Park Mosque The Finsbury Park Mosque, in St. Thomas Road, Islington, London. The Fire Brigades' Union
The Freedom of Information Act The General Certificate of Secondary Education The Good Friday Agreement The Government at Westminster
The Granita restaurant, Islington The Green Party The Green Shoots of Recovery The Guardian
The Healthcare Commission. The Highland Clearances The Holy Cross Primary School in Belfast The House of Commons
The House of Lords The Houses of Parliament The Howard League for Prison Reform The Hutton Report
The Imperial System of Weights and Measures. The Independent The Institute for Fiscal Studies The Investor In People Award
The Irish Republican Army The Labour Government The Labour Leadership The Labour Manifesto
The Labour minister Liam Dominic Byrne The Labour Party The Labour Party Conference The Labour Party's finances
The Labour Transport Secretary Stephen Byers The late John Dennis Profumo. The Late Robin Cook The Leader of HM's Opposition
The Leader Of The Opposition The Leader Of The Opposition, William `Fourteen Pints A Day' Hague The League Against Cruel Sports The Liberal Democrat Conference
The Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy The Liberal Democrat Party The Liberal Democratic Party The Liberal Democrats
The London Mayor The London Olympics logo The longest serving Labour Prime Minister. The Lord Chancellor, Lord Alexander "Derry" Irvine of Lairg
The Macpherson Report The Manchester Guardian The Millennium Dome at Greenwich The Ministry of Defence
the Ministry of Justice The Ministry of Silly Walks The Monetary Policy Committee The National Assembly for Wales
The National Black Police Association The National Front Party The National Health Service The New Labour Party
The New Year's Honours List the Official Secrets Act. The Old Vicarage, Grantchester The Orange Order
The Oxfordshire Hunt The Oyster card The Palace of Westminster The Parachute Regiment
the Parliamentary Ombudsman The Paymaster-General Geoffrey Robinson The Peoples Government The pound sterling
The Prevention of Terrorism Bill The Prime Minister, Tony Blair The promised referendum The Queen's Birthday Honours List
The Queen's Christmas message to the nation The retirement pension The Reverend Ian Paisley The Right Honourable Jack Straw MP
The Right Honourable Virginia Bottomley MP The Right Honourable William Hague The Royal Courts of Justice The Royal Flying Corps
The Royal Navy The Royal Ulster Constabulary The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher The Rt. Hon. William Hague, MP
The Scottish Kilt The Scottish National Liberation Army The Scottish Nationalists The Scottish Parliament
The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood The sex offenders' register The sisters Paula, Donna, Gemma, Claire and Catherine McCartney, and Bridgeen Hagans The Smith family's viewing habits
The Socialist Party The Socialist Workers Party The Supreme Court of England and Wales The television cook, Rusty Lee
The Times The Today programme The Tolpuddle Martyrs The Tony Blair Foundation
The Tory Manifesto The Trade Descriptions Act The UK Independence Party The Ulster Unionist Party
The United States of America The University of Strathclyde The Veritas party The Welsh Assembley
The Welsh National Assembly The Welsh Nationalists The Welsh Office The Young Pretender
Theresa May MP Thomas Babington Macaulay Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin Today in Parliament
Tony and Cherie Blair Tony Blair Tony Blair and the forty five minute warning Tony Blair converts to Catholicism
Tony Blair has left Office Tony Blair loves George Bush Tony Blair MP Tony Blair PM
Tony Blair to resign? Tony Blair's Tony Blair's "New Labour" Tony Blair's 'The Big Conversation'
Tony Blair's Anti-Terrorism Act Tony Blair's going for a third term Tony Blair's Government Tony Blair's image
Tony Blair's Millennium Dome at Greenwich Tony Blair, Labour Leader Tory leadership contest Tory leadership race
Tory MP Andrew Pelling Tory MP Howard Flight Tower Bridge Tracey Temple
Trades Union Congress Trafalgar-class submarine Transport and General Workers Union Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality
Trident Missile Twenty-nine Connaught Square U.S. plans to shoot down broken spy satellite U.S. Thwarted Israeli Plan to Bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility
UK TV - "Blind Date" Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble Ulster Unionist Party Veteran Broadcaster Sir Robin Day
Virginia Bottomley Virginia Bottomley, Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley, Heritage Secretary Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley
Viscount Palmerston Vote Liberal Democrat Walter Bagehot Warden of the Mint
Wars of the Roses West Midlands Metropolitan County Westminster City Council Westminster tube station
Why did Kate kill Madeleine William and Ffion Hague William Cavendish William Ewart Gladstone
William Hague William Hague MP William Hague, leader of the Conservative Party William Leefe-Robinson
William Petty William the Conqueror William Waldegrave William Wilberforce
William `Fourteen Pints A Day' Hague Women against rape Workington You've never had it so good
Young Conservatives Youth Training Scheme `The Simple Truth' charity appeal

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