Reports are the format in which Anagram Genius publishes the anagrams you have weeded. A typical report consists of two sections:

  1. The weeded anagrams you selected at the Weed Stage.
  2. A short list of the longest subwords and phrases that were uncovered at the Word Stage.

Various formats are possible including text (generated from the Save menu or the toolbar button) and HTML (generated from the Save menu).

The report can also be produced in print form on a coloured certificate (using the Print menu or the toolbar button). For an example see the help topic Example of a printed report.

The text report can also be emailed straight to your friends (using the menu command or toolbar button) or copied to the clipboard (using the menu command or toolbar button) for pasting into other applications.

A typical HTML report is shown here (showing a mixture of flattering and satirical anagrams):

Rearranging the letters of "Claire Theresa Somerville" gives:

"Cheers! Lovelier materials." "I'm a select or silver healer." "Hello! I am a cleverer sister."
"O Hell! I am a cleverer sister." "Hello rare, creative smiles!" "Cleverer, hot marseillaise."
"O Hell! Creative, rare smiles." "A velocimeter's hell-raiser." "I'm lovelier chart releases."
"Is celestial hero marveler." "Her miracles are loveliest." "O Hell! Reactive, rare smiles."
"The lovelier arse's miracle." "Rise! Meet vocal hell-raiser." "Hell! Measlier eviscerator."
"Cheerier lavatories smell." "The lovelier arse miracles." "I'm a lovelier, cheerless rat."
"Hero's lacerative, smellier." "Charmless, eerier, volatile." "I'm cleverest arsehole liar."
"Slave or emetic hell-raiser." "A smellier harlot receives." "The smellier avarice loser."
"The lovelier, measlier scar." "Lacerate silver, slime hero." "Eviler, slim hero lacerates."
"I'm a loverless, irate lecher." "Ciao! The smellier reversal." "Her celestial overrealism."
"Lovelier, secretarial hems." "I'm servile, rectal arsehole."

These are the longest words/phrases that use some of the letters:
"Leicestershire", "Charles martel", "cholesteremia", "chrismatories", "heat reservoir", "heliometrical", "lacrimatories", "leatherleaves", "mortise chisel", "overrealistic", "semiheretical", "materialises", "aeroelastics", "ameliorative", "arterialises", "Averrhoistic", "calorimeter's", "calorimeters", "chase mortise", "Christmas eve", "clearstories", "clerestories", "cremasterial", "Hemerocallis", "hill clematis", "marseillaise", "materialiser"

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