The File Menu

The file menu has eight commands on it.

  1. Pause pauses the current subword scan (at the Word Stage) or anagram search (at the Search Stage). It does the same function as the toolbar button.
  2. Continue continues the subword or anagram search after it has been paused using the Pause command. Changing to an earlier stage also releases the Pause. This command does the same function as the  toolbar button.
  3. Abort Search causes the anagram search to wind up very quickly. This will usually result in the loss of almost all the anagrams that could have been found from this point on. It is occasionally useful if you wish to get to the Weed Stage quickly.
  4. Print Setup... is the standard Window command which enables you to configure the current printer. This command is duplicated on the Print Menu.
  5. Options... brings up a dialog which enables you to set and change a variety of permanent settings relating to the operation of Anagram Genius. This function is duplicated by the toolbar button and is described in more detail in the Options Dialog help topic.
  6. Email report... sends out the current report by email to your friends. It will open your mail client enabling you to select recipients and/or edit the message before sending. This function is duplicated by the toolbar command. More information about reports is contained in the Reports help topic.
  7. Copy report copies the current report to the clipboard enabling it to be pasted into other documents edited by other applications. To paste the report use Ctrl-V in the application you want to use the report (or the Paste command which is usually located under the Edit menu). This function is duplicated by the toolbar command. For more information see the help topic Reports.
  8. Exit quits Anagram Genius and closes the application down. Anagram Genius automatically saves your weeded anagrams and all the changes you make to the subwords. This automatic saving happens whenever you exit the application, change subject or in any case every 30 seconds if changes have been made. This means that even if your computer crashes you should never lose more than 30 seconds work and then you can get back to where you were simply by starting up Anagram Genius and typing the same subject text in again. Because of this automatic saving, Anagram Genius will always exit immediately and never prompt you to save.