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Dallas Cheerleaders anagrams

Rearranging the letters of 'Dallas Cheerleaders' (Football distraction) gives:

Elders sell a charade.(by Jim Banholzer) (2015) (pending approval)
Other related anagrams without their own page:
"Beauty pageant inspector" -> "Nice sport, gape at tuna, bye." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Movies that bombed" -> "Homestead Bimbo TV." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Baseball apple pie mom" -> "AA pliable emblems pop." (by Jim Banholzer) (2009) (pending approval)
"Cheap and cheerful" -> "A chap lunched free!" (by Segura using Anagram Genius) (2003)
"Algorithm" -> "Logarithm" (by unknown)
"The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" -> "The fiendish Adolf Hitler charter." (by Brian Dungate by hand) (2005)
"The Baseball Hall of Fame" -> "He shot fable ball aflame." (by Jim banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"More films that bombed" -> "Bimbo held marmot fest." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"More films that bombed" -> "Farm totems held bimbo." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"More films that bombed" -> "Amber molds tomb thief." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"What women want?" -> "Wow! What tan men!" (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" -> "I add Dad a vagina." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Severe anagram addict" -> "Advanced a grim teaser." (by Jim Banholzer) (2015) (pending approval)
"Make fun anagrams" -> "Manage fun karmas." (by Jim Banholzer) (2015) (pending approval)
"Man and Woman United" -> "Unwed Man: Damnation." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Value oft in moon" -> "Mountain of love." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Sweet sparkly smile" -> "Misty sleepwalkers." (by Jim banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Competitiveness" -> "Cements positive." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Important choices between good and evil" -> "And between important choices, I love dog." (by Jim Banholzer by hand) (2017) (pending approval)
"Love is the answer to fill my heart" -> "Whatever lioness to heal Mr. Fitly." (by Jim Banholzer by hand) (2017) (pending approval)
"Good Evil" -> "I Love God." (by Jim Banholzer) (2009) (pending approval)
"Falling in love" -> "Filling a novel." (by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Falling in love" -> "Lo! An evil fling." (by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Love is blind." -> "Blond is evil!" (by Scott Gardner using Anagram Genius) (2003)
"What women want? Ideal man." -> "Wow! What tan men led mania!" (by Jim Banholzer by hand) (2017) (pending approval)
"Imperial weights and measures" -> "Mile-wars! Shag meanspirited EU!" (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"Imperial weights and measures" -> "Raise huge smiles, draw me a pint!" (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"It beats for you darling" -> "Flirting's a beauty door." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Candy Crush" -> "Crunch-days." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
See also:
Must revise our PC, cheer whole algorithm
All rise
Stunning beauty
Braless girl
Talented cheerleader
McGwire syringe
Connecticut cheerleaders want uniforms with more coverage
He really needs a girlfriend
Perfect game
Not a belly itcher
In love, opposites attract
The measure of high quality
Talented cheerleaders exuberance
Loyal sports team fans
Fetching lady
Imaginary lover
Kids playfulness
Lateral pass
School pep rally
Pep talk
Cheerful Christmas light
Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer
Google algorithm
Algorithm results
Scewed algorithm
Hit for the cycle
Go Raiders!
Upper deck home run
Beauty pageant
The Miss USA Pageant
Nice eye candy
Stunning cutie
Sweet smile
A centerpieces gushy virgin
Love Me Two Times
A film that bombed
Bimbo ?
The Batmobile
Rapid hula-hoop rate
Hi volt tv hisses
Radiohead's "Creep"
Ultimate Happiness
The braless woman
Uniquely talented
Disagree with referee
Spout reefer dopiness
Pete Roses baseball ban
Baseball Opening Day
Tom Brady deflate
Mark McGwire
Aha! A spittle ointment.
American as apple pie.
Major League Baseball
Baseball Umpire Jen Pawol
Red Bull Drink
NY Polo grounds
Umpire mistake
Stand up triple
Find a girl with Faraway eyes
Anagram Jerk
The idle savant
Alfalfa truly loves Darla.
Amor Vincit Omnia
There's no anagram problems!
Obsession men's cologne
Smoothest friend.
Lauren Holtkamp
Tarzan's ululating yell.
Be silent about no-hitter
No hit ball game.
House that Ruth built
Overzealous fans
Texas Fastballer Nolan Ryan
Babe Ruth
New York Yankees
Won the World Series
Strike Three!
The sultan of swat
Washington Senators
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
Love to fill my heart
Kind good-hearted people
Spock's marine mirror
Ski season
Anagram archivist
Warm beer, cold women...
Timeless bliss
Timothy Broberg
Rock hard stoicism.
Robert Pirsig
Imperial measurements
The mushy part.
The loyalist
Rugby football
Sports bra
Lakers fans
The Olympic Games
Oakland Raiders
Hollywood funsville
Miss Crabtree
Mariel Hemingway
Soft angel songs
Imaginary friend
Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam
Skyrockets in flight
Barefoot kids
Heisting confectionery
The Marvelous Toy song
The Little Rascals
To sing shaving creme song
Perfect school attendance
Three leg sack race
Spanky McFarland
Spinning top
Love to play football!
Washington Redskins
She's too bubbly.
Candy Twirl
A true friend
Loaded women win truth
I am all yours
Honesty is the best policy
Mister Grinch

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