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A cosmic ski run anagrams

Rearranging the letters of 'A cosmic ski run' (Sun Valley, Idaho) gives:

Rock musicians.(by Jim Banholzer) (2016) (pending approval)
Other related anagrams without their own page:
"She has a high cosmic radiation tag." -> "Hashtag, i.e. as charming chaos idiot." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Sun Valley, Idaho, a cosmic ski run." -> "Rock musicians holy devil sauna." (by Jim banholzer by hand) (2017) (pending approval)
"Sun Valley, Idaho kindred spirits" -> "Ridden ski trips, handily value so." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Mistake in a court of law." -> "Our fact AWOL, inmate ski." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"She came from Planet Claire" -> "Spacecraft Helena rile Mom." (by Jim banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Idaho" -> "Ha! I do!" (by Anthonio Grubb by hand) (2011) (pending approval)
"Proud of this anagram" -> "Parading a soft humor." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Across the Universe" -> "A receiver hosts Sun." (by Jim Banholzer) (2015) (pending approval)
"No time for the summertime blues" -> "Reefer be lithuim's totem summon." (by Jim Banholzer) (2016) (pending approval)
"Book by old egg" -> "Gobbledygook." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"He has a rock musician ticket." -> "I hasten cosmic racket haiku." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Google for top anagrams?" -> "Gleam or groan? tag spoof." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Jimi Hendrix" -> "Hi-jinx mired." (by josh garey by hand) (2010) (pending approval)
"Epic drum solo" -> "Melodic pours." (by Jim Banholzer) (2016) (pending approval)
"Bruce Baker Clapton music" -> "Cream in a blockbuster cup." (by Jim Banholzer) (2016) (pending approval)
"High altitude hot springs" -> "Hit! Spurts into high glade." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Value oft in moon" -> "Mountain of love." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Winter sports" -> "Two sprinters." (by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Winter sports" -> "Snow trip. Rest." (by Hans-Peter Reich) (2002)
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