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Ariel Sharon anagrams

Rearranging the letters of 'Ariel Sharon' gives:

Oh, ran Israel.(by David Bourke by hand) (2001)
Anal hero, Sir!(by Dante Filipponi using Anagram Genius) (2003)
One rash liar.(by Stanley Accrington by hand) (2003)
Real hairs? No!(by Dante Filipponi using Anagram Genius) (2002)
Ah, Iran loser!(by Dante Filipponi using Anagram Genius) (2002)
Iran has role?(by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons by hand) (2002)
Rash. Earn oil.(by Joe Fathallah) (2002)
No share liar.(by David Almeida by hand) (2002)
Shorn aerial.(by V.Rabin by hand) (2002)
Sharia loner.(by Andrew Gully by hand) (2014) (pending approval)
Other related anagrams without their own page:
"Ariel Sharon in hospital after minor stroke" -> "Relish horror? No. Fat Israeli patient's OK, man." (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2006)
"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert" -> "Elite leadership is minimum terror." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert" -> "Minimum terror desire? Help, it's a lie!" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Gaza Strip and West Bank - a sad history" -> "Ah, Zionists, paddy, war! Tanks get Arabs." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Israel and the West Bank" -> "We handle 'kittens' Arabs." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Israel and the West Bank" -> "We handle, test Arabs kin." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"‏Israel lifts West Bank closure" -> "Stuck Arabs free. Still wiles, no?" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2010) (pending approval)
"Female prisoners released to West Bank, Gaza" -> "Blazed, seen report of Gilat makes awareness." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "Airport's trials intense." (by Bob Hanford) (2005)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "Nonliterate rapists, Sir." (by Bob Hanford) (2005)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "Eternal rapists in riots." (by Bob Hanford) (2005)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "On Israel's irritant pest." (by Hugh Reid using Anagram Genius) (2003)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "It is not Israel's partner." (by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "Sinister, nastier patrol." (by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "Intent? Israel's airports?" (by Zoran Radisavljevic using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Palestinian terrorists" -> "It so - Israel isn't partner." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Hamas" -> "A sham." (by Joe Fathallah by hand) (2003)
"Palestine" -> "Penalties." (by Joe Fathallah) (2002)
"Palestine" -> "Alien Pest." (by Dan Smith) (2009) (pending approval)
"A middle East arms race" -> "Mad tale, dire massacre." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2007)
"Israel and Palestinians agree to direct peace talks" -> "I speak and deal to accept a stillness in area...I regret." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2010) (pending approval)
"Bad Reviews for Bush in the Middle East Media" -> "We (Arabs +Israelis) define him - 'The odd dumb vet!'" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Bush offers to-do list for Middle East leaders" -> "Sides refused to fool's dreams. Old blithe fart!" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"George Bush Talks To God" -> "OK! Good! Bugger's stealth." (by Eric Scalice using Anagram Genius) (2006) (pending approval)
"Bush says Mideast peace talks worth the risks" -> "Such shaky worthless debates is trap, mistake." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2007) (pending approval)
"Mideast peace talks must go on: UN chief" -> "That dialogue of 'mean specimens' stuck!" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2011) (pending approval)
"Peace won't come soon to Middle East" -> "We (Semites) concede to 'A plan to doom'" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2010) (pending approval)
"The Middle East countries" -> "Hostile site, demand truce." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2010) (pending approval)
"The Middle East countries" -> "Stale homicide, need trust." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2010) (pending approval)
"The Middle East countries" -> "~ idolise the traducements." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2010) (pending approval)
"Middle East diplomacy" -> "Map died, domestically." (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"What happens if the U.S. disengages from the Middle East?" -> "When States dumped fight-stage, eh? Mishap, end of Israel!" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Rice in Middle East for More Peace Talks" -> "Palestine - Israel did (correct/fake) memo." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Secretary of States in Middle East" -> "Rice demands to test Israel safety." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Mid East" -> "Sad time." (by Segura using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Rice wraps up Mid East peace push" -> "America whipped? Passes up truce!" (by Pinchas Aronas) (2008) (pending approval)
"The Middle East Peace negotiations" -> "Palestine - agitated sectioned home." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2007) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Leaders come, despise pact." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Seems leaders do epic pact." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Semites spread cold peace." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Eclipse, 'dead meat', corpses." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Peace? Israel met odd specs!" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Middle East peace process" -> "Top case: a depressed 'clime'" (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2014) (pending approval)
"Egypt's Role In Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks" -> "Cairo wants essential part in parley (like in pledgee, see?)" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2010) (pending approval)
"Israel urges Palestinians to restart peace talks" -> "Partners! Let's speak out strategies, air alliances." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
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