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Accepted anagrams:
"Mel Gibson"->"Limbs gone" (by Robert Teuton) (2001)
"Bob Dylan"->"Nobby lad" (by Robert Teuton) (2001)
"Inspector Clousseau"->"Sure, it's a no-clues cop" (by Robert Teuton by hand) (2001)
"Gary Glitter"->"Try "large git"" (by Robert Teuton) (2001)
"Big Brother"->"Right b-bore!" (by Robert Teuton) (2001)
"George W Bush"->"Bugger, who's 'e?" (by Robert Teuton) (2001)

Pending anagrams:
"Caster Semenya"->"Semen traces? Ay." (by Robert Teuton by hand) (2009) (pending approval)
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