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"Delightful Impudence" TIME international

"It's tremendous fun" The Daily Telegraph

"Mindblowingly Extraordinary... Anagram fun simply never stops... Amazing" The Evening Standard

"Utterly irresistible" Personal Computer World

"The pleasure... was nigh-on immeasurable" Wired

"... a well-coded program written with a passion... you'll not only have fun, you could end up hooked." Computer Shopper

Anagram Genius has been in development for almost twenty years and is widely accepted as one of the most remarkable and unusual software products on the market.

The software takes the names of your friends, colleagues and competitors and transforms them in ways you would not believe! It rearranges the letters creating perfect anagrams and uses powerful Artificial Intelligence techniques to say things that are weird, wonderful (and sometimes extremely insulting) about them. Frequently these anagrams appear to provide deep insights into the subject being analysed.

So Dark the Con of Man

The software was also used by Dan Brown to create the anagrams in the The Da Vinci Code. This is the best-selling adult novel of the 21st century with more than 50 million copies in print! It is also now a major motion picture (also making heavy use of Anagram Genius generated anagrams).

Examples of use:

  • You want to do some research into fundamental philosophy. Type in "The meaning of life" and out comes (along with many others) "The fine game of nil"
  • Your big commercial rival is "Acorn Computers", tell the software it's a business and put it in Satire mode and it rearranges the letters to say "Crap on customer" and "Crap to consumer"!
  • Type in "Osama Bin Laden" and get "Old man in a base" and "A damn alien S.O.B".
  • Do something similar with "President Saddam Hussein" and Anagram Genius gives you the anagram "Dispensed human disaster"!
  • Type in "The best things in life are free" and it produces the perfect anagram "Nail-biting refreshes the feet"! (It is free after all although you may need to pay for some yoga lessons first!)

There are many many more example anagrams, buy the software and you can add to them with (amongst others) anagrams of your name, the names of your friends and colleagues, your employer, acquaintances, commercial rivals etc. etc.

As there are always new people and things to try out the life of the software is virtually limitless and many of our customers spend months playing with it without losing interest.

Curious? Why not try YOUR OWN NAME now for FREE by downloading our fully functional trial version?

Alternatively, why not buy and download it now?!

Quotes from the Press

Anagram Genius has been featured many times on national television, in TIME magazine and in hundreds of other places. Here are a small selection of quotes from the national and computer press:

  • "Its always a pleasure to come across a well-coded program that reeks of having been written with a passion for the subject or task in hand. Anagram Genius for Windows is one such program... spend an evening with this package and you'll not only have fun, you could end up hooked." Computer Shopper
  • "This is a standalone anagram finder par excellence, offering ocean-going opportunities for displacement activity" Windows User
  • "Recommended" Computer Buyer
  • "The pleasure of obtaining 'Foreskin chewer rants importantly' from 'The artist formerly known as Prince' was nigh-on immeasurable" Wired
  • "Delightful Impudence" TIME International
  • "Mindblowingly extraordinary... anagram fun simply never stops... Amazing..." The London Evening Standard
  • "provides hours of more-or-less harmless fun ... amazingly simple to use" Focus
  • "Anagram Genius... can turn any name you care to mention into an apt (and often extremely rude) anagram..." The Daily Express
  • "Amazing" The Sun
  • "It's Tremendous Fun" The Daily Telegraph

If you order now online you can have the software up and running on your computer just minutes from now!

Alternatively, download a free trial version of the software!

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