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"Tony Blair's Millennium Dome at Greenwich"->"Mr Incredible Ego in "What a Silly Monument"" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1999)
"Sylvester Stallone in Rambo"->"Mental vet slays - or noble sir?" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1998)
"Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman"->"Mr Cool and Minked Cutie - a sin!" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1999)
"Oliver Reed"->"Ode Re: Liver" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1999)
"Gwyneth Paltrows Oscar speech"->"P.S. Watch chosen glory star weep" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1999)
"Pierce Brosnan as James Bond"->"Pecs, brain - Sean's job and more" (by Dave Hall by hand) (1999)
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