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Known issues:

3d blue arrow display problem:

Some early versions of Windows don't display the 3d version of the arrows between the stage buttons properly. This is purely an aesthetic problem. If affected, you may wish to use the black arrows instead. To achieve this, use the Options...dialog.

ATI Device Driver problem:

In rare circumstances, Anagram Genius can trigger what appears to be a bug in the Mobility Radeon display device driver for Windows XP. (It is conceivable that this bug is present in other device drivers provided by ATI.) The symptoms include (with very low probability) the screen going blank and forcing a reboot or Windows catching the error, putting the screen into 256 colour, small screen mode and asking you to save your work and reboot. Once the reboot has completed, Windows tells you about the bug in the driver.  Although severe, if affected the symptoms will happen with very low probability and you will need to use Anagram Genius for many hours on average before the problem will show itself.

This problem can be solved in two ways: