Hint Windows

Hint windows are tutoring windows that appear automatically during your early use of Anagram Genius. They may also pop up from time to time when the software detects that you may have missed a quicker way of doing things. An example is below:

They were added to the software following the observation that most users do not read documentation unless they are forced to but instead try and learn the operation of a program by playing with it. (The fact that you are reading this shows that you are one of the rare exceptions!)

The idea behind the hint windows is to teach the early user the basic ideas behind the software during their first few runs. They should not be regarded, however, as a substitute for this full documentation which goes into far more detail.

The hint windows have been designed to incorporate themselves into the layout of each stage so you are not faced with windows that obstruct the operation of the software. Pressing the Close button makes the window become invisible and the other windows then rearrange themselves to make use of the extra space.

To make the message close permanently and not reappear select the Do not show this message again check box before pressing the Close button. This will update your computer's registry and "permanently" suppress this particular message.

To reverse this "permanent" suppression, use the Reset hint windows command from the Help Menu. This command sets the program to the state it was when you first ran it and makes all the hint messages that you have suppressed active again.