Dictionary Lookup

Anagram Genius contains a facility for you to look up the meaning of any words that appear in the anagrams or in the subword list.

To look up the word simply double click on it with the Control key pressed down, i.e. Control+double-left-click. You must be connected to the internet for this lookup to work.

Alternatively, click once with the right mouse button over the word to get a context sensitive menu and select the command from the choices.

This facility can be used at the Word, Search or Weed stages. In the Word stage the word looked up is the currently selected subword. In the Search or Weed stages, Anagram Genius attempts to identify the word being pointed to within the anagram. This may also be a multi-word phrase if the phrase is one of the subwords used to create the anagram.

The definition lookup is currently achieved by the use of an excellent third-party website called www.onelook.com which pools the data from many dictionaries to produce a comprehensive word lookup facility. Although we have an agreement with them for you to use this facility, it is important to understand that the site is owned and run completely independently of Anagram Genius. They will be unable to help you with any aspect of your software and we have no control over the content of their site.

Because the data source is independent of us there is also no guarantee that every word in our main lexicon has a definition that can be looked up. The lexicon within Anagram Genius has been compiled from numerous sources over more than a decade and there is likely to be less than a 100% overlap between its contents and the words defined on the web's dictionaries. However, failure should be rare.