Backing up your data

Anagram Genius automatically saves all your weeded anagrams and subword changes to disc. You may also create custom dictionaries and add words to existing custom dictionaries. This data needs backing up.

The following directories contain the information you have saved. They are all immediately below the place where you installed Anagram Genius:

c:\Program Files\Genius 2000\Anagram Genius v9\

by default.

It is recommended that the contents of these directories are backed up regularly to avoid data loss in the event of a hard disc crash or other serious problem.

If you have added words to any of the supplied custom dictionaries, it is important to note that future versions of Anagram Genius may overwrite your changed dictionaries with the newly issued ones. For this reason it is recommended that you create your own versions of the standard custom dictionaries to add your own terms to if that is your intention. If you decide to ignore this advice and add to the standard dictionaries, it is recommended that you back up these versions before installing any new versions of the software.