Add Word dialog

This dialog appears when the Add... button is clicked on at the Word Stage.

It allows you to add a new word to the subword list for the current subject and optionally add it to a custom dictionary. Its use allows you to create completely new terms to the list.

For example, supposing Claire Theresa Somerville is a particularly loud person. In browsing the subword list you have seen the phrase "hell-raiser", made it compulsory and discovered that "vocal" can be made from the remaining letters. This means that the phrase "vocal hell-raiser" can come from her name and fits her personality perfectly!

Naturally, this phrase is not going to appear in any dictionary but you would like Anagram Genius to use it in making anagrams of her name. To do this you click on the Add... button at the Word stage and enter it (as shown above). The phrase is a noun phrase - it can be treated just like a noun so you select Noun Singular as the part of speech. You also fill in the other fields including the fact that the phrase is Satirical.

Rarity is only particularly of value if you are also going to be adding it to a custom dictionary: it gives Anagram Genius an idea about how common, rare or useful a new word or phrase is. The lower the score, the more favourably Anagram Genius will look on the word if and when it discovers it again after scanning the custom dictionary. When you are adding the word straight to the subject using this dialog, the word will always be set to Superb and the rarity value will be ignored.

The Add to custom dictionary section allows you to select a custom dictionary that the word will also be added to. This is optional but you may wish to do it if you think that the word or phrase you are adding may be useful in the future for other subjects.

N.B. It is recommended that you only add words to your own custom dictionaries. If you want to add words to one of the custom dictionaries that are supplied with Anagram Genius you are free to do so but you may find that the dictionary is overwritten should you need to reinstall or upgrade the product. For this reason, we recommend that you create your own versions of the custom dictionaries should you need to. To create a new custom dictionary, simply type its name into the control after Add to custom dictionary instead of selecting it from the list and Anagram Genius will create it for you.

Another feature to be aware of is that Anagram Genius will automatically add your entry to the compulsory word list if your entry is a combination of two or more currently selected compulsory words. With the above example, if both "hell-raiser" and "vocal" were selected as compulsory words and the phrase "vocal hell-raiser" was added, Anagram Genius would automatically replace the two compulsory words with your new phrase (effectively merging them). This means that the anagrams will all contain the two words together and treat them together as a noun. With them separate, Anagram Genius may (for example) apply the adjective vocal to a different noun in the anagram splitting the term.

If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of the various parts of speech, a guide is in the help topic Parts of Speech.