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A codes breaker anagrams

Rearranging the letters of 'A codes breaker' (Secret codes) gives:

Erase a bedrock.(by Jim banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
Other related anagrams without their own page:
"Codebreaker Alan Mathison Turing" -> "Bloke churned anagram iterations." (by Jason Lofts) (2018) (pending approval)
"Codebreaker Alan Mathison Turing" -> "So that rare brain unlocked Enigma." (by Jason Lofts) (2015) (pending approval)
"To break my old cuneiform ciphers alternating letters alphabet code" -> "Take code before abled polymaths microchip run, translate lettering." (by JBanholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"To break my old cuneiform ciphers alphabet code." -> "Take code before abled polymaths microchip run." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Real brain teaser" -> "Learn, bear satire." (by Jim banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Happy codes breaker" -> "Perky as op breached." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"Ace Sleuth Sherlock Holmes" -> "A Homer's cheesecloth skull." (by Jim Banholzer) (2009) (pending approval)
"Ace Sleuth Sherlock Holmes" -> "Electroshock mushes a hell." (by Jim Banholzer) (2009) (pending approval)
"Ace Sleuth Sherlock Holmes" -> "A hoot screeches skull helm." (by Jim Banholzer) (2009) (pending approval)
"Must revise our PC with Sicilian CIA puzzle, cheer whole algorithm" -> "Computer viruses within silica pizza clue, come hell or high water." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Elaborate CIA puzzle" -> "Ole altarpiece abuzz." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Elaborate CIA puzzle" -> "Eatable pizza or clue." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Places lame CIA puzzle on ice" -> "Pizza palace clue slice omen." (by JBanholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"CIA puzzle test" -> "Pizzas lettuce." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"Make fun anagrams" -> "Manage fun karmas." (by Jim Banholzer) (2015) (pending approval)
"A Turing machine." -> "Enigmatic run? Ha!" (by V.Rabin) (2011) (pending approval)
"Secret Antarctic mission" -> "Ran storminess ice tactic." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"loose lips sinks ships" -> "Pinkos hiss piles loss." (by Jim Banholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
"To break my old alphabet cuneiform cipher..." -> "...Take abled polymath before microchip run." (by Jim Banholzer) (2017) (pending approval)
"a,c,e,g,i,k,m,o,q,s,u,w,y" -> "Go my wise quack." (by JBanholzer) (2018) (pending approval)
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Lost in the forestwoods
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Antigravity propulsion
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Crytographic expert
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Mastermind spies
Melvin Purvis
Talk to your baby (using real words)... it boosts their brain
Pineal gland
I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue
Gut Feeling
Extrasensory perception

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