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Britney Spears anagrams

Rearranging the letters of 'Britney Spears' gives:

Best PR in years(by Ron Young by hand) (1999)
Yens, strip bare.(by Stanley Accrington by hand) (2006)
Rips teeny bras.(by nosson by hand) (2005)
Bra type? Sirens.(by Rick Rothstein using Anagram Genius) (2004)
Pert? Yes. Brains? ...(by Paul Pridmore using Anagram Genius) (2004)
Teensy bra rips.(by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
Err, spiny beast(by Jason Ehrhart by hand) (2001)
Beers, party, sin.(by unknown using Anagram Genius) (2001)
Arrest by penis.(by Andy Worth using Anagram Genius) (2000)
Presbyterians(by Ron Young by hand) (1999)
Nip yer breasts.(by Jenna Morris by hand) (1999)
Nearby priests(by Melissa C. using Anagram Genius) (1999)
Siren best pray.(by Ron Young by hand) (1999)
Best in prayers.(by unknown using Anagram Genius) (1998)
Try bar penises.(by Keir James Holling by hand) (2013) (pending approval)
Yep, brains rest.(by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
Betrayer spins.(by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
Spree by IN star.(by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
Pyre in breasts.(by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
Beery Pants Sir.(by jp) (2008) (pending approval)
I Spry Teens Bra.(by jp) (2008) (pending approval)
Rape By Inserts.(by jp) (2008) (pending approval)
Binary pesters.(by Stefan T. Lund using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
Berries Panty's.(by Jeff Flores by hand) (2007) (pending approval)
Tripy bareness.(by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons by hand) (2007) (pending approval)
Errs by panties.(by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
Seen a rip, try BS.(by anon using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
Panties bys err.(by Jeff Flores by hand) (2007) (pending approval)
Pesters Brainy.(by Carynne No.) (2006) (pending approval)
Bra Inserts? Yep!(by perplex city) (2006) (pending approval)
Spray beer tins.(by Peter Laurence Hall using Anagram Genius) (2006) (pending approval)
Britney Spears
Other related anagrams without their own page:
"Opps I did it again Britney" -> "A boring, adept insipidity." (by James Davis using Anagram Genius) (2008) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears Album" -> "Rap: "My Nubile Breasts"." (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2006)
"Kevin Federline and Britney Spears" -> "Final break is presented in very end." (by Hans-Peter Reich) (2006) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears lost her virginity at fourteen years old" -> "Noisy stereotype trailer-trash duly given a first boner." (by David Bourke using Anagram Genius) (2008)
"1. Britney Spears
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Paris Hilton
" -> "1. Lady in rehab
2. Lass in therapy
3. Lost in prison.
" (by Scott Gardner) (2007) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears sued by former "manager"" -> "Famous singer as pretender, 'merry' baby!?" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2009) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears 'Femme Fatale'" -> "Many prefer 'Female', its beats." (by Aronas Pinchas ) (2011) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears is pregnant" -> "Beginner as nasty stripper." (by Dhrumeel by hand) (2006) (pending approval)
"The US pop singer Britney Jean Spears" -> "Use porn? Ah, spy jet-set beginner Paris!" (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"The US pop singer Britney Jean Spears" -> ""Panties?", Burghers jeer, "Spy NO panties!"" (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"The US pop singer Britney Jean Spears" -> "Jester: "No panties? ping her bare pussy!"" (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears 'Piece of me'" -> "Prefer pies' section, maybe?" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears' monthly outgoings" -> "Hit songs; partying; money-troubles." (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone" -> "A cool dance musician or icon, even." (by Brad/David Bourke using Anagram Genius) (2004)
"Christina Aguilera videos" -> "Garish visual erection-aid." (by David Bourke using Anagram Genius) (2003)
"Christina Maria Aguilera" -> "Her air-guitar is maniacal!" (by Tony Crafter using Anagram Genius) (2005)
"Miss Christina Maria Aguilera" -> "I am trashier as a girl musician." (by Tony Crafter using Anagram Genius) (2005)
"Miss Christina Maria Aguilera" -> "I am a rising musical star, I hear!" (by Tony Crafter using Anagram Genius) (2005)
"Miss Christina Maria Aguilera" -> "I'm a hair-raising musicale star." (by Tony Crafter using Anagram Genius) (2005)
"Best-seller : "Stupid White Men"." -> "Well! It's "Meet President Bush"." (by V.Rabin by hand) (2004)
"Best-seller : "Stupid White Men"." -> "Punish smelliest bed wetter." (by Alex Blake using Anagram Genius) (2006) (pending approval)
"Michael Moore's Stupid White Men" -> "Wholesome mendacities triumph." (by Marc Goldstein using Anagram Genius) (2004)
"Kevin Federline" -> "Fine? Never liked!" (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Britney Spears as a mother" -> "Oh Pretty, brains are a mess." (by Rodney Koodray Jr) (2007) (pending approval)
"Sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton" -> "Capitalist kids & horny sinners." (by Zoran Radisavljevic using Anagram Genius) (2006) (pending approval)
"Paris Hilton is freed" -> "This failed prisoner." (by mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"Lindsay Dee Lohan" -> "Lady on headlines." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Lindsay Dee Lohan" -> "No denial, she - lady." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2008) (pending approval)
"Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged with Felony" -> "Law-wheels 'lynching' thief and bloody liar." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2011) (pending approval)
"Heiress Paris Hilton" -> "Prisoners hail shite." (by Mick Tully using Anagram Genius) (2007) (pending approval)
"Heiress Paris Hilton" -> "She is real prison hit." (by Dan Fortier by hand) (2007) (pending approval)
"jessica simpson and nick lachey" -> "Space ninnyish, melodic jackass." (by hb using Anagram Genius) (2004)
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