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Accepted anagrams:
"Emma Bunton"->"But men moan" (by Paul Hogg by hand) (2001)
"Nicholas Bateman"->"Lab-mansion cheat" (by Paul Hogg by hand) (2001)
"Shania Twain"->"Ian wins a hat" (by Paul Hogg using Anagram Genius) (2001)
"Claire Richards"->"Cleric's hard air" (by Paul Hogg by hand) (2001)
"Gary Lineker"->"Grey rank lie" (by Paul Hogg by hand) (2001)
"Helen Adams"->"Mad hen sale" (by Paul Hogg using Anagram Genius) (2001)
"Brian Dowling"->"Win a bold grin" (by Paul Hogg using Anagram Genius) (2001)

Pending anagrams:
"Emma Bunton"->"Mam bun tone." (by paul hogg by hand) (2007) (pending approval)
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