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Accepted anagrams:
"Segway Human Transporter"->"Unary passenger... wham! Tort!" (by Mike Morton) (2002)
"Ronald Wilson Reagan"->"No, darlings, no ERA law" (by Mike Morton) (1998)
"Bad credit"->"Debit card" (by Mike Morton using Anagram Genius) (1993)
"Information Superhighway"->"A rough whimper of insanity!" (by Mike Morton) (1995)
"Compassionate Conservative"->"Conspire to save a vast income!" (by Mike Morton) (2000)
"Compassionate Conservative"->"Comparison is even; cast a vote." (by Mike Morton) (2000)
"Compassionate Conservative"->"Come, vote: save patrician's son." (by Mike Morton) (2000)
"Compassionate Conservative"->"VAT is a proven economic asset." (by Mike Morton) (2000)
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