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"Michael Howard of the Conservative Party"->"I vow I'm cheap at half the cost Reverand Roy!" (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2004)
"Professor Colin Pillinger"->"Poor cringers. No life. Pills!" (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2004)
"The Liberal Democrat Party"->"Red rot, they're all a bit camp!" (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2004)
"The Daily Express columnist Carol Sarler"->"Ill arm, crone? Real sly, sexed-up racist tosh!" (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2005)
"The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown"->"Odd cheat; now binned by vicar." (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2005)
"The campaign group Fathers For Justice"->"Superman cape, tights, jet cuff... roar! Go "hi!"" (by Lawrence Alexander by hand) (2005)
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