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Accepted anagrams:
"Holiday brochures"->"Lousy horrid beach" (by Janet Muggeridge using Anagram Genius) (2000)
"A recipe for spaghetti bolognese"->"Beef grot or pig loin, cheese, pasta..." (by Janet Muggeridge by hand) (1999)
"Ministry of Agriculture"->"Guilty farmer is in court" (by Janet Muggeridge by hand) (1999)
"Castration"->"Scrota ain't" (by Janet Muggeridge using Anagram Genius) (1999)
"The Eiffel Tower"->"O feet! Where lift?!" (by Janet Muggeridge using Anagram Genius) (1999)
"Constipation"->"Position: Can't." (by Janet Muggeridge) (2000)
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