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Accepted anagrams:
"Britney Spears"->"Teensy bra rips." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"Nintendo Gamecube"->"A big denouncement." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"Sony Playstation"->"National spy toys." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"Saturday Night Live"->"Handiest vulgarity." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"Clint Eastwood"->"Scowl antidote." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"Joseph Stalin"->"Hapless joint." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2002)
"National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice"->"Zealous deviancy or sleazier contradiction." (by Glenn Bristol using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice"->"Coarsely eroticize on crude vandalizations." (by Glenn Bristol using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice"->"Satanize tiny, overzealous, rancid crocodile." (by Glenn Bristol using Anagram Genius) (2002)
"Terry McAuliffe"->"Elect a firm fury." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2004)
"Michael Moore"->"Come home, liar." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2004)
"Moveon.Org"->"Goon Mover." (by Glenn Bristol by hand) (2004)
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