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Accepted anagrams:
"Archbishop Robin Eames"->"O! I'm a snobbish preacher!" (by Gerry Lynch using Anagram Genius) (2000)
"Cabinet Secretary, Sir Richard Wilson"->"Retirer crowns a brainy, sadistic, lech." (by Gerry Lynch by hand) (2001)
"The Countryside Alliance"->"Tory lunatics hide clean 'E'!" (by Gerry Lynch by hand) (2001)
"Department for Culture, Media and Sport"->"Me Dr. Dental, a mid-cut porn star of repute." (by Gerry Lynch by hand) (2001)
"Church of Ireland Theological College"->"Hell! Urge Daniel go call for hot Choc Ice." (by Gerry Lynch by hand) (2001)
"William `Fourteen Pints A Day' Hague"->"I'm a stupid lager-lout wine fan! Yeha!" (by Gerry Lynch using Anagram Genius) (2001)
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