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Accepted anagrams:
"Albert Pujols"->"Just be all pro." (by David Schob) (2004)
"four more years of George Bush"->"Forego your homes, grab refuse." (by David Schob) (2004)
"four more years of George Bush"->"Farmers, forego your house. Beg!" (by David Schob) (2004)
"Milwaukee Brewers"->"Us? We like warm beer." (by David Schob) (2004)
"Pittsburgh Pirates"->"Grasp this ripe butt." (by David Schob) (2004)

Pending anagrams:
"Rep. Mark Foley"->"Perky for male." (by David Schob) (2006) (pending approval)
"Ms. Ann Coulter"->"Menstrual Con." (by David Schob) (2006) (pending approval)
"Pastor Ted Haggard"->"God? A part gets hard?" (by David Schob) (2006) (pending approval)
"Christian Theology"->"Hog shit reality con." (by David Schob) (2006) (pending approval)
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