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Accepted anagrams:
"Monica Lewinsky"->"Nice silky woman" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Monica Lewinsky"->"Coy seminal wink" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Monica Lewinsky"->"Seminal, now icky" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Mohammed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods"->"Hola! Harrowed fame from my dead son" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Leonardo da Vinci"->"Vindaloo and rice" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Michael Portillo"->"Limp-tool Charlie" (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
"Diana, the Princess of Wales"->"Son, diet, ail, crash: fans weep." (by Dave Hubble by hand) (1998)
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