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"Yitzak Edward Asner"->"Dazed ink weary star" (by Anthony Glen using Anagram Genius) (2001)
"Yitzak Edward Asner"->"Dazed yank as writer" (by Anthony Glen using Anagram Genius) (2001)
"The Lord of the Rings"->"Frodo's nether light" (by Anthony Glen by hand) (2001)
"The Lord of the Rings"->"Night shelter Frodo" (by Anthony Glen by hand) (2001)
"J R R Tolkien's - The Lord of the Rings - The fellowship of the ring - volume one"->"Help join trek West then South of Shire length. Frodo fell in river gloom." (by Anthony Glen by hand) (2001)
"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police"->"An irate, coolheaded, manly cop unit" (by Anthony Glen using Anagram Genius) (2001)
"J R R Tolkien's - The Hobbit (or There and Back Again)"->"Hear! Hear! Bilbo at Bag-End joins hot trick 'n' trek." (by Anthony Glen by hand) (2001)
"The Best Things in Life are Free"->"Beef's fitting in sheer leather" (by Anthony Glen by hand) (2001)
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