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"Accountant"->"A coat 'n' c**t." (by anon by hand) (1999)
"Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare"->"Adulterer romps on whores? Farce!" (by anon using Anagram Genius) (1999)
"Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare"->"Whore customer and prefers oral." (by anon using Anagram Genius) (1999)
"United States of America"->"Defecation traumatises." (by Anon) (2005)
"United States of America"->"Automatised interfaces." (by Anon) (2005)
"United Nations"->"Anus dentition." (by Anon) (2005)
"United Nations"->"Daintiest noun." (by Anon) (2005)
"Donald Trump"->"Dump ton lard." (by Anon) (2005)
"Washington post"->"Posing whatnots." (by Anon) (2005)
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